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Professional Webservices

yourSRI’s “ESG Fund & Portfolio Screening” tool offers a standardized framework for measuring and benchmarking ESG characteristics on a dynamic level.

yourSRI’s “Search & Compare” tools enable you to search, find and compare investment products and access a broad range of SRI data and information as well as company data across regions, categories and themes.


  • Carbon Corporate Portal
  • Dashboard Theme
  • User Management
  • Carbon Portfolio Single/Multi
  • Carbon Portfolio API
  • API Carbon Reporting
  • Asynchrone Interface
  • Country Rating MSCI
  • Rating Update Countrylevel
  • ESG Multifile Portfolio
  • Market CAP Upgrade
  • Inkremental Lipper Import
  • Identifier Management
  • Excel Product Management
  • ESG Screening
  • Webmonitoring / PRO-Hosting
  • ...